Scanning the content

By scanning your drink without touching it, the device reports any illicit substance. It provides clear data of frequency anomalies. We believe that using the device, abuse through adding drugs to drinks can be avoided completely.

It is our mission to ensure the safety of our users through the device.

Patented solution

Drugfindr has been tested to ensure maximum accuracy every time. Results are displayed within a few seconds to ensure a responsive product.

A simple system to indicate whether the liquid contains illicit substances or not.

First of its kind

Our product provides a first of its kind defence against Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA). Usually, forensics search for drugs and their metabolites in patient's blood. But often they cannot be detected only some hours after an attack.

Our goal is to provide the individual with a protective barrier that can be used before it is too late by giving them a tool in their own hands.

The technology is based on Raman spectroscopy

In this optical non-destructive technique, a laser beam is focused on the sample - the drink.

All molecules within the drink interact with the light and a some of it gets scattered at wavelengths different from the incident light. This is what is known as the Raman effect. All molecules scatter light in a unique manner, what is commonly referred to as a "spectral fingerprint". By comparing all fingerprints, drugs can be identified - with certainty, due to the unique fingerprint of each molecule.

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Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA)

DFSA is an increasing threat in modern society, where it commonly is referred to as "drug rape"

Everyone is aware of the problem, but until now there has been no reliable way individuals can protect themselves. The purpose of “drink spiking" is not only sexual assault. A new emerging trend is being reported where criminals knock out their victims to rob their belongings.

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Feeling safe

Venturing out into the world feeling safe and has a significant effect on our well-being, travel patterns and the way we interact with the world around us.

Handheld device

With Drugfindr you have a portable, reliable self-protection device, containing a technology that gives you incomparable protection for situations, where certainty is vital.

Our own technology

By the high-end technology inside the device we made it possible to detect and analyse the molecules contained in any liquid. There is nothing alike on the market.

Take back control

Drugfindr is our way of literally equipping the hands of people with safety and control. Whether you are seeking to protect yourself, your family or being on the move with your business and career.

We are confident that Drugfindr is meeting the requirements of our sponsors. Not only in terms of high quality devices, but also with regard to development and implementing of the corresponding software. This includes extensive test series and validation.

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