By scanning the content of your drink Drugfindr will tell if any illicit substances are present.

This is made possible by our own technology which provides clear data of frequency anomalies.

We believe that by the use of Drugfindr abuse by using drugs added to drinks can be avoided completely.

It is our mission to ensure the safety of our users through the use of Drugfindr.

A Worldwide Patented Solution


We identify the spectral fingerprints of substances in your drink. By comparing all the spectral fingerprints, our technology is capable of identifying if drugs are present or not.



Drugfindr has been tested to ensure maximum accuracy every time.


Results are displayed within a few seconds to ensure a responsive product.


A simple system to indicate whether the liquid contains illicit substances or not. With no direct contact to the drink whether dipping or adding something drugs are identified.

Our product provides a first of its kind defence for individuals against Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA). The forensic evidence, i.e. traces of the used drug(s) and their metabolites, are cleared form the victims’ blood stream in a matter of hours or a few days, leaving no evidence behind. Our goal is to provide the individual with a protective barrier that can be used before it is too late, essentially giving victims a way in which they can actares defend themselves.

Our device is based on Raman spectroscopy. In this technique, a laser beam is focused on the sample, in our case a drink. All molecules within the drink interact with the light, and importantly a small fraction reflects the light at wavelengths different from the incident light. This is what is known as the Raman effect. All molecules Raman scatters light in a unique manner, what is commonly referred to as a spectral fingerprint. By comparing all the spectral fingerprints from the drink, one is capable of identifying if drugs are present or not within.

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) is an increasing threat in the modern society, where it commonly is referred to as drug rape. Everybody is aware of the problem, but until now there has been no reliable way individuals can protect themselves against this crime. The purpose of “drink spiking”, i.e. the act of adding drugs to a person’s drink is not only sexually assault. A new emerging trend is that criminals do it to incapacitate the victim and rob their belongings.

Drugfindr is currently under development. On this website there will be regular updates regarding our product and when it will be available to buy.


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